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Camera Obscura and World of Illusions - Bewilderworld


Immerse yourself in Bewilderworld, a collection of our most popular, biggest and most amusing illusions. A scramble for the senses, which will leave you feeling fully bewildered!

Lose yourself in our magical Mirror Maze, a bamboozling jumble of hallways that seemingly stretch for miles. Will you make it to the other side? A hilarious way to see you reflected!

Get ready for a mystifying, turning, tilting, twisting, crazy experience like no other! The Vortex Tunnel is our star attraction, and a highlight of any visit. This discombobulating spinning tunnel will confuse and baffle all ages. Can you walk through without losing your balance? Are you moving or the tunnel? Does going through with one eye shut help? How many times you can walk through the swirling, whirling, mind-bending Vortex Tunnel?  

Once you’ve recovered your balance the Chaotic Pendulum awaits – the world’s first fluorescent chaotic pendulum. Can you predict its next movement? This spinning, colourful illusion will keep even the youngest visitors entertained and amused. Give it a go and see how fast you can spin it.

Create your own art with the Light Painter, a fun way to paint pictures, on your own or as a group. Use the LED torches or the light from your mobile phone to produce unique drawings and images, using the different coloured torches to draw on the screen. Try shining the torch on yourself to see your face appear on the screen. Make sure to take pictures, they’ll be the most unusual and amusing souvenirs to share with friends.

Vortex Tunnel
Light Painter
Mirror Maze
Chaotic Pendulum