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We’re now taking part in the world-wide Refill Scheme 

We’re working hard to do all we can to reduce waste and be greener, and this is also a fantastic offering to all our visitors. 

Just ask our team to refill your water bottle and they will happily oblige. And every time you say that you have filled up at Camera Obscura & World of Illusions using the Refill app, Refill make a donation to a charity that cleans plastic out of the ocean. Excellent!  


Did You Know? 

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and it’s predicted that figure will rise by another 20% by 2021.

In the UK, less than 30% of people refill their reusable water bottles, even though we have some of the best quality tap water in the world.  

In the UK alone, we consume 13 billion plastic bottles a year – 7.7 billion of them are plastic water bottles. 

The average person in the UK will use 150 plastic water bottles every year. If just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we’d have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation.

 Water Refill ap on mobile phone 

So What Is Refill? 
It’s a scheme where a business fills up a water bottle for a customer/ visitor.

Refill is an award-winning campaign designed to help you reduce your plastic pollution, by making it easy to refill your reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic one.  

With the Refill app, it’s easy for you to find your nearest Refill Station on the go! Refill not only makes refilling a reusable water bottle easy, but it saves you money too. Through the campaign the aim is to stop millions of single-use plastic bottles at source each year, preventing plastic pollution from entering our rivers and sea. 

With over 20,000+ Refill Stations nationwide, refilling your water bottle for free has never been easier. Simply tap the app, find your local Refill Station and get fresh drinking water on the go.
Refill is a City to Sea campaign. City to Sea is a multi-award-winning organisation running campaigns to stop marine plastic pollution at source.  
Founded by environmental campaigner, Natalie Fee in 2015.

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