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We were delighted recently to hear from Rabb Crosbie after his recent visit with his mum and girlfriend. He shared with us why his visit was so special and what it meant to him and his family.


“30 years ago, my mum and dad had their first date in the Camera Obscura, a memory he shared in his speech on his wedding day. My dad passed away a couple of years ago and while remembering him and watching this video play back on his birthday, I decided that I wanted to take my mother back to Camera Obscura in memory of him. It was an incredible day and lived up to his story and I'm very grateful for it, so thank you!"


"My girlfriend and I used the cute auto-wed machine at the end which made a very memorable end to the experience that I'm very grateful for - we got pictures which we then bought on a placemat and frame. In the gift shop I also bought a music box of the song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra as a memento for my mum (It was one of my dad's favourite songs)!”


Rabb share with us that his mum, Wendy, and dad, Alex, had their first date at Camera Obscura in 1992, before getting married in 1998. He said “I asked my girlfriend Sarah to take a picture of me and my mum inside the little alcove on the roof - because that's exactly the place my dad was referring to in his speech!” We’ve been lucky enough to have seen Alex’s speech, where he refers to him and Wendy ‘winching’ on the rooftop and being caught live on the Camera Obscura having a kiss and cuddle, much to the delight of other visitors!  


We’d like to thank Rabb for taking the time to share this amazing story with us and allowing us to share it.

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