Leading the way in cleaning solutions and fresh air 

At Camera Obscura & World of Illusions we like to be ahead of the crowd, and the team have been hard at work since the start of the pandemic making sure we do everything we can to make your visit to our attraction as safe, clean and fun as possible. 

In 2020 we introduced Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) to our cleaning regime, a highly powerful and chemical-free cleaning solution. SAO™ kills up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and many viruses, including coronaviruses, upon contact. Aqueous Ozone lasts for up to 24 hours as an effective cleaner and sanitiser.  

Want the technical bit? SAO™ uses volts of electricity which are injected into normal tap water. These split the oxygen molecules in the water, transforming them from O2 into O3. It is whilst in this state that they are highly effective, clinging to dirt, grime, viruses and bacteria and killing 99.999% of all harmful contaminants. The solution remains as O3 for a limited time (up to 24hrs) before reverting to normal tap water. This method of cleaning has undergone rigorous testing by laboratories and leading governing bodies across the world to prove that it is highly effective and safe.

SAO™ is used by a variety of places where surfaces are touched regularly including schools, care homes, hospitality, and public transport, for example by rail and air. 

Cleaning at Camera Obscura

We are also using ‘Zoono Antimicrobial Shield’ to complement this cleaning system. Antimicrobial shield technology creates a germ-destroying protective layer, which is 100% safe for people. Once on the surface, it continues to kill microorganisms and offers residual protection for up to one month. This long-lasting, added layer of protection is used on frequently touched areas, ensuring that they are continuously protected in between cleaning with SAO™. These cleaning systems have enabled us to keep our exhibits as interactive and fun as they were pre-pandemic. 

Lastly as the pandemic has progressed the importance of fresh air has been increasingly recognised. Covid-19 is an airborne disease that is principally transmitted through respiratory droplets and aerosols that can linger in the air. The most effective way to minimise the risk of Covid transmission indoors is to ventilate rooms by opening windows and doors and have everyone wear masks. We wanted to check how effective our ventilation was, so in 2021 we installed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors in all areas. We all breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. If CO2 levels are high, it means the air is not fresh. We monitor our air quality 24/7 and adjust ventilation accordingly. 

We hope that these extra measures help to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our visitors and our staff, and that your visit with us is clean and safe. We're keeping the visit unique, fun and interactive, leaving Covid-19 at the door! 

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