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Congratulations to our team on completing the Big Fun Run! 

Last Sunday we attended the Big Fun Run held at Holyrood Park, with Lisa, Andrew and Jamie representing us on the big day to raise awareness and donations for The Lothian Autistic Society. Despite torrential rain we brought the fun with our Mega and Mini head illusion boxes to entertain the crowds, before embarking on the 5K run.

It was a good turn out and we happily ran (and occasionally walked) through the rain all the way to a very soggy but triumphant finish line. We’d like to give thanks to the organisers of The Big Fun Run who not only made sure everyone was safe during the race but also that everyone had a good time during.

If anyone feels inspired by our soggy escapades we have a just giving page at where you too can support the work done by Lothian Autistic society. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions will be match-funding our total, so please be generous! 

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