We are celebrating World Gorilla Day, by re-introducing gorillas to Edinburgh.

Tuesday 24th of September marks World Gorilla Day, an opportunity for people all over the world to celebrate the gorilla, and more importantly, take action to protect gorillas in the wild. These great apes are one of humanity’s closest relatives, sharing 98% of our DNA. This makes our newest member of staff, Camilla the gorilla, the perfect guide and welcome host for Edinburgh's visitors, who are looking for fun, memorable and meaningful experiences. However, she seems to be taking her position a bit too seriously and has put one of our team behind bars!


Gorilla at Camera Obscura Edinburgh


Camilla the gorilla joins over 100 interactive exhibits at the attraction, including the famous Vortex Tunnel, Mirror Maze, the best views of the city and of course the 166-year-old Camera Obscura itself.

General Manager Andrew Johnson said "We are thrilled to welcome Camilla to the team and unleash her on unsuspecting visitors. We call this ‘gorilla marketing’. Camilla is already making an impact with passers-by, who after their initial surprise are delighted to meet her and get a selfie. She gives visitors a small taste of the unique, interactive fun to come. Camilla is also here to remind us that all species of gorilla are critically endangered in the wild. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions are making a donation through WWF to support gorilla conservation and would like to publicise this worthy cause.”


*Please note that this is just a very clever costume! There are no gorillas currently in Edinburgh, keeping our team hostage.

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