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Camera Obscura and World of Illusions - Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic is our biggest gallery of interactive fun, tricks, and illusions – many unique to Camera Obscura. We’ll mess with your mind (in the best possible way) as your eyes are fooled by brilliant visual effects.

Start your journey in the hologram room, a world class collection of amazing, unique, 3D images, where a mummy, Frankenstein's monster, a falcon, and even a spider comes alive. But just like everything else in the building, our giant tarantula is an optical illusion – an incredibly detailed hologram that appears to move as you do. Ever wondered what your skeleton looks like? Don't miss the X-Ray Machine, you might discover you've swallowed something you don't remember! 

This floor contains some of our most popular illusions. The Ames Room is a brilliant piece of trickery, which can shrink and grow you instantly; a great photo opportunity for the whole family to grow the tiny ones and shrink the adults. Once you’ve returned to your original size, you can try the Severed Head. This clever illusion makes it look as if your head is being served for dinner, a wacky photo might upset the relatives!  

Keep a close eye on our Living Animal while you're in the gallery (he can get hungry) and stop by our Kaleido-draw, to create your own unique patterns and pictures. Transform yourself in the Morph Machines; see yourself as a baby, cartoon character, or chimpanzee! While you're in the mood for transformation, the Hand Mirage and Meet Your Twin exhibits give you a new perspective on yourself. There's lots of fascinating fun to be had here - for all ages! 

Boy George Hologram
Severed Head
Ames Room, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, Edinburgh
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