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This summer Camera Obscura & World of Illusions have launched their latest mind-boggling interactive invention, the Mega Head!

Visitors to the attraction can catch the Mega Head outside the main entrance on Castlehill, where the Camera Obscura team will be on hand to give visitors a go. The magic blue box transforms even the smallest cranium into a Mega Head and is suitable for all ages to take part.

The Mega Head’s magic comes from a Fresnel lens. This amazing curved lens concentrates light, and bends the light rays from objects so they seem much nearer.

The Mega Head is one of over 100 interactive exhibits visitors can get involved with at the attraction. From 28 June – 2 August the attraction has the longest opening hours in Edinburgh with visitors being welcomed from 9am-10pm every day.

General Manager Andrew Johnson said ‘The team are always looking for new weird and wonderful ways to give our visitors a fun experience, and the Mega Head is proving a huge hit. It’s created a lot of hilarity and delight so far, and we hope to continue creating memorable experiences during our extended opening hours this summer.’  

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