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A Little Light Music

Fancy playing a beautiful melody with your bare hands, becoming a mysterious musical magician? The Light Harp at Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is here to achieve your fantasy!

How does it work?

Our Light Harp replaces the traditional harp strings with LED-lit tubes and infrared sensors. When you touch or ‘pluck’ the light colour tubes, the photoresistor at the end of each sensor beam will detect if a beam is blocked. When it is discovered, a note is played. The sound is made by connecting the light harp to a computer, sampler, or synthesiser. It means a light harp can achieve more sound effects than the traditional harp. The Light Harp at Camera Obscura & World of Illusions has a button which allows you to play your melodies with different sound effects!

A brief history about light harps

The laser harp has been popularised by Jean-Michel Jarre – a French composer, performer, and record producer since 1981. Here is a YouTube video of Jean-Michel Jarre playing The Time Machine from Electronica with a laser harp.

It is often used in artistic creation because of its aesthetic value and the marvellous visual sentiment it can create. The inventor of the light harp remains debatable, and both Geoffrey Rose and Bernard Szajner claim to be the inventor of the laser harp.


What is unique about us?

Special light effects were added to the light harp at our site. Every light beam tube is associated with a different colour. The light effects look fantastic when multiple notes are played at one time, and it is a perfect place where some lovely social photos can be taken. The Light Harp here is wide enough to accommodate a duet or a trio.

Come and give it a try! Make sure to share your musical creations with us online.  


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